São Paulo is waiting for you! Rotary International Convention 6-9 June, 2015 São Paulo, Brazil

Beautiful, wealthy, smart, democratic, vibrant, dynamic, cultural, romantic, modern, tough, outgoing, professional?! How can one define São Paulo? It is impossible to use only one word to capture exactly what one of the largest cities in the world represents.

Graciously formed by so many different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and ideas, this great metropolis is truly cosmopolitan, by nature and by choice. This city is Italian, German, Jewish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, French, African, Arab, Spanish, Latin, Brazilian… it is Paulistana!! Those diverse characteristics are present at the architecture of the buildings, on the streets, in the delicious foods you will try and in the clothes and styles of its people who never stop, day after day, brilliantly writing each chapter of the history of São Paulo. We can describe how big São Paulo is in many different ways. We can mention that the city has the largest number of hotels in Latin America, or the largest hospital in the country or that it represents the cultural hub of Brazil. It is also one of the gourmet capitals of the world, it hosts many major events, conventions and trade shows, and it is home to some very important educational and research institutions. The capital of São Paulo state is unique in showcasing history and the modern times with great harmony. The city served as the stage for many important events, such as the Brazilian independence and political and cultural protests that led to our democracy. Here you will find several cinemas, theaters, museums, parks, nightclubs, theme parks, restaurants, bars, hotels, concert arenas and malls. Every year, approximately 10 million people come to São Paulo to do business, shop or enjoy the fantastic cultural calendar, which is always up-to-date to what is happening around the world. Being in São Paulo means to experience a megalopolis 24/7, and all it has to offer. The city welcomes hard work and fun as if they are equally important. Capital of a state that has the size of Great Britain, the approximate population of Spain and that is responsible for nearly half of the wealth of Brazil, São Paulo also became the number one destination for tourism in the country. That’s why we proudly invite you:

Come to São Paulo, É Tudo de Bom! [It is amazing!!]

José A. Pretoni
Rotary International Convention 2015
Convention Chair

Carlos J.S.Gueiros                  Mario C. Camargo          José L. Toro Silva
HOC Co-Chair                          HOC Co-Chair                 HOC Co-Chair